The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

First off, let me say that the title of the film should go down as one of the greatest film titles ever created(conceived). The title by itself sells the film with the trailer, well thats just the cherry on top.
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre originally titled “Head Cheese” is loosely based on a true story, the keyword there is loosely.If your asking yourself if this really happened in Texas then the answer is obviously a clear “no it did not”, but don’t blame yourself for thinking this, people did the same when The Blair Witch Project came out. I like to think of it as smart move on the advertisement department part for telling the audience that it really happened in a small town in Texas and  the crowd believed it.

The story goes is that the director, Tobe Hooper was standing in line at sears getting ready to pay for his purchase and was wondering how he could get this line moving a little quicker then he sees a display of chainsaws sitting there, thats where he got the idea and the rest is history.
The character of Leatherface was inspired by wisconsin native and serial killer, Ed Gein. This was  not Ed Gein’s first nor last apprence in film, you can see his inspirion in films such as The Deranged, The Silence Of The Lambs & Hitchock’s Psycho.  Leatherface ranks up there with the most brutal horror villains of all time, but what makes him even more scary is that it was based on a real person.As a horror fan, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre has a special place in my heart.Texas Chainsaw Massacre is still the only film that can give me goosebumps, just thinking of the amazing way the film uses it’s audio-visual to terriy runs shivers down my spine.



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